We are an elite Eyewear Company with an overall 50+ years of experience in the manufacture, design and distribution of upscale Eyewear


All our products are designed in Europe with the highest quality and standards with two full years product warranty against manufacturing defects


Our mission is to provide our customers with a modern lifestyle and ultimate shopping experience. With energy and enthusiasm we offer a variety of high-quality products and services to our customers


Our goal is to take the industry into a new approach with new sales ideas, marketing and planning techniques for the next generation.

Our customer service will always go the extra mile ensuring our customers happiness and satisfaction


Each product must be positioned in the right environment in the most sophisticated manner. Through our innovative methods, creativity and special attention to detail, we add additional value to our products and generate long term profitable growth for the company.



At Qottica we strongly believe in gaining the trust and respect of all our clients. We aim to create a supporting and motivating environment for our team. We pay special attention to our employee's needs, a positive working environment and client's long-term loyalty



High technology and passion for design, fashion and luxury. These elements are the exclusive and distinctive combination since “Pugnale Eyewear” constitution in 2013.

Deeply in love with design and with an unbridled passion for the eyewear, Emanuele Pugnale, owner and creative of the Company, transfers is mechanical know how into the eyewear world


The image of an ideal woman has been like a work of art in progress, through the ages. In 1993, Izumi Ogino created a contemporary new face - sensitive to beauty without borders, her intuitive style and elegance appreciated in any situation. ANTEPRIMA is created for a woman of all seasons: Intelligent, Confident, Feminine and Joyful. ANTEPRIMA upholds quality and beauty to the highest standard.

AMEN italy

AMEN is an Italian high-end contemporary brand that interprets the new idea of modern luxury, accessible and sophisticated at the same time. The brand is a synonym of craftsmanship, exclusive details, and pure creativity.

AMEN a clear name, a universal sound, a declaration of intent that goes beyond the geographic constraints. In this way, without hesitations, AMEN interprets the new idea of contemporary luxury, accessible and sought-after at the same time..

AIR-ART france

AirArt Eyewear is new a luxury French eyewear brand, “Haute Lunetterie”, dedicated to men, whose collection introduces an exclusive and patented comfort refinement, inspired by the technological principles that ensure the balance of an airplane in the air. A unique retail experience.


The tale of Giuliani Occhiali where it traces a line to combine art and technique. A real space, where imagination and its practical and functional applications concur in harmony. Design not as an end itself but understood as a mark of continuity and history. This is the vision we reflect and apply during the creation of each single pair of glasses.

TRAMA italy

The meeting of unique, original personalities combined with the Italian culture of design and experience of the eyewear world has given birth to an ambitious brand looking to the future and setting new horizons in style. Trama is a brand in the making, following previously unexplored paths, providing out-of-the-ordinary perspectives created in a crucible of ideas.

UNSEEN italy

Unseen searches the unknown, what moves you doesn’t necessarily lie in plain sight, but it often hides amongst patterns, colors and differences. It springs from the daily observation of everything that surrounds you, from fashion to habits and customs, from art to culture.

NOS italy

State-of-the-art technical solutions for the collection representing all that’s new and aimed at wearers who are not slavish followers of the big brands. In the NOS collection the keynote is stylistic harmony and the perfect balance of form and materials, in line with the dictates of minimalism, the cornerstone of its design.


LUXOL italy

We began as  a little workshop crafting gold-plated spectacle frames. This artisan origin never deserted as we grew into a more highly structured company  and it is still self-evident in our products, clearly translating into a dedication to quality. What spurs us on, as the next generation, to contribute to further developing the company is our commitment to high-tech research. evolution.

V DESIGN france

V Design glasses are of high added value. Amplitude of color and artistic requirements are taken very seriously with pigments carefully applied with a syringe, shaded metal, sophisticated graphics. The French brand believes in the importance of individuality while remaining true to fashion trends

URBAN OWL greece

Urban Owl sunglasses with High Definition lenses that once you wear them you cannot go back It takes 2 months, 24 artisans and 38 production steps to make a pair of Urban Owl handcrafted sunglasses. We believe that when you make something, your first concern must be the environment. Our raw materials are eco-friendly, our packaging is recyclable

BOVELO france

Bovelo presents models with discreet design, recognizable thanks to the balanced color keys that underline the volumes clever mix between nostalgia and modernity. The shapes are revisited in a retrostyle, adorned with modern shades and graphics.